Maynilad realigns pipes for NAIA Expressway

March 11, 2016

West Zone concessionaire Maynilad Water Services, Inc. (Maynilad) has begun the process of realigning the water pipelines in the Villamor area that were found to be on the path of the NAIA Expressway Project.

According to Engr. Ryan Jamora, head of Maynilad’s Central Non-Revenue Water Engineering and Construction, realigning the 100mm and 200mm-diameter pipelines can be completed quickly, possibly within one month.

“We were only informed about the need to realign these pipes last February 18. Nevertheless, we immediately started the necessary pre-construction work to determine how to relocate these pipes without unduly affecting water service to our customers,” he said.

Jamora added that Maynilad’s realignment of the pipelines should not be a cause for delay in the completion of the NAIA Expressway project. “Since 2012, we have been realigning various segments of our pipelines to give way to this project, and the pipe length we have relocated thus far has already reached three kilometers. Since this latest segment that we are being asked to realign is only 100 linear meters in length, it can be done quickly.”

“We are constantly coordinating with DPWH and the NAIA Expressway contractor so we can facilitate the project with due consideration to the Maynilad customers whose water supply will be affected by the realignment, as well as to the motorists who pass through the construction site,” Jamora said.

The realignment of Maynilad’s existing water pipelines in Villamor became necessary after the proponent of the NAIA Expressway project redesigned the route of the expressway due to right-of-way issues with Villamor.