Current supply situation to remain at “status quo” until next week

October 02, 2015

Maynilad Water Services, Inc. (Maynilad) will be able to maintain the current supply situation in the West Zone until Sunday next week, Oct. 11, 2015, despite reduced allocation of raw water from Angat Dam for Metro Manila this month from 38 CMS (cubic meters per second) to 36 CMS.

The water company has been implementing scheduled water service interruptions that affect 56% of its customers since Sept. 16. These daily supply interruptions are limited to off-peak hours, from 9 p.m. to 4 a.m.

Maynilad is able to maintain this supply situation until next week because of the rains that fell over the Ipo Watershed with the entry of Typhoon Kabayan.

Water from Ipo Dam augments supply from Angat Dam, which is the main supply source for Metro Manila. Ipo Dam is shared by Maynilad and Manila Water.

Should rains stop in the next few days owing to the strong El Niño, the Ipo Dam will no longer be able to sustain the deficiency of supply from Angat Dam. At this point, Maynilad’s current service level will be affected. More customers will experience daily service interruptions with duration ranging from 10 hours to as much as 20 hours.

Maynilad will give two days’ advance notice before it is forced to implement changes to the current supply situation.